Joyce Johnson Rouse



Raves for Virginia Beauty

You capture the entire landscape. ..... I felt like I'd been on a vacation all over the Commonwealth. It should be our state song.
~Liza Field, poet, teacher and journalist, Wytheville, VA

Virginia would be blessed to have a state song written by Joyce Rouse.

~Martha LaRa Gibson, community activist, Mouth of Wilson, VA

Virginia Beauty -- it is tremendous . . . . . . you've got a winner! You've woven so many things in about Virginia, across the state, without losing the central thread of celebration of beauty.

 ~Frank Levering, author, screenwriter, orchardist, Ararat, VA

It is a winner . . . . and we need a state song.

~Lucinda Jennings, interior designer and Office of the University Architect, VA Tech, Blacksburg, VA

This NEEDS to be our state song.

~Willard Gayheart, artist, songwriter, musical icon, Galax, VA

I love your song as you have accurately captured the “feeling” of our great Commonwealth!

 ~Broaddus Fitzpatrick, community activist, Roanoke, VA

Virginia Beauty is a HOME RUN. In my opinion, all it needs is a Ball Park. You did a marvelous job of weaving in so much of the geography ,history, symbols, professions, and of course our beauty.

 ~Denny Cochran, Sustainability Program Manager, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

From the Mountains to the Chesapeake, Joyce's song "Virginia Beauty" captures the things that make Virginia special . . . . . . with it's beautiful and diverse landscapes. Virginia is a great state, it deserves a song that inspires pride the way Virginia Beauty does.

~Dale D ľAlessandro, Chesapeake Renewable Energy, Richmond, VA