Joyce Johnson Rouse



Make Virginia Beauty our State Song:

WHEREAS    the Commonwealth of Virginia has a proud history of profound influence in the formation of our country
WHEREAS    the understanding of our rich natural resources inspires us to cherish them and our "common wealth"

WHEREAS    the appreciation of our diversity broadens our vision

WHEREAS    the shared appreciation for all regions of the state instills pride in the Commonwealth, as well as in our own special region

WHEREAS    music has the power to unite and inspire people
WHEREAS    Virginia does not currently have a state song

WHEREAS    the majesty of singing together strengthens the bonds of community and can unite hearts in their common pride of home

WHEREAS    all these ideas have been woven into Virginia Beauty, a love song for the Commonwealth, a blend of music, poetry, history, nature and praise

WHEREAS    Virginia Beauty is an anthem written to reflect the natural beauty, the diverse landscape, and the people of our historically significant home state

WHEREAS    Virginia Beauty was written to be sung - in the varied tones of adults and children across the Commonwealth, as well as in the beautiful harmony of mixed voices

WHEREAS    Virginia Beauty is being warmly received by all who hear it because of the beauty of its music and its glowing representation of the diverse wonders of Virginia

Be it resolved that  Virginia Beauty be adopted as the official state song to represent and enhance our pride in the heritage and the vast bounty of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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If you’d like to see Virginia Beauty adopted as the state song of Virginia, please contact your representative in the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate.  This can be done with a personal call, email, or simply by completing this form and mailing or faxing to your delegate.